• Would you introduce yourself in a few words?

Anne Gautier, founder of Tropical Meteor, a creative lab where we produce stationary, serigraph or hand-printed textile objects and jewelry mainly based on my drawing and material studies. I’m also an independent graphic artist on the side. I studied performing arts then communication and cultural mediation and then turned to my first love, graphic art, which is my job today. I started my own textile serigraphy workshop five years ago alongside my job to try out my own ideas and create limited edition t-shirts and then I really wanted to print on all kinds of supports.

  • Where does this interest for fashion and DIY come from?

The DIY (Editor’s note: Do It Yourself) comes from my mother; she is very handy. And fashion, well let’s say it’s close to DIY, it’s manual, there’s an idea, a process and crafts techniques. I’ve always made things myself, by working for agencies, styling bureaus and fashion e-commerce websites. I wanted to make my ideas exist that I could have in limited series on a small scale.

  • What is Tropical Meteor’s operative word in your mind?


  • What are your inspirations?

My travels-strolls, music are pretty inspiring, but inspiration is a little bit everywhere. A material, a color can be the beginning of a new project. I like modernism as much as old kitsch stuff and I find they can all be mixed wonderfully.

  • What’s your online crush right now on the e-shop?

These days I wear the BONBON necklace that you can find on the e-shop.

  • What are your future projects?

A new notebook in a limited edition, a series of clutches with hand-printed fabric and linen ware will soon emerge from the workshop in 2015.