• Could-you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I am Manon Delaune. Passionate by fashion, photography and merchandising, I graduated as a fashion designer at Atelier Chardon Savard, in Paris. Interested by arts and crafts and its various knowledges, I learnt more about textile design during several internships in silkscreen printing and graphic design for many small creators.

As I’m curious and multifaceted, my professional experience goes from the clothe’s conception to its making (freelance dress designer), including its commercialization through image (photo shoot operator for Le Bon Marché, photo stylist for &OtherMagazine and visual merchandising for Kenzo, Balenciaga, &OtherStories). All these experiences enriched my creative process, and they allowed me to get confident enough to develop my own creations.

Wise Wild was born in September 2015 in Marseille after a two-month trip through Central America (Mexico, Guatemala). A very inspiring journey, I came back with more than 1500 photos, watercolors from nature and a scrapbook full of ideas.

Wise Wild is a contradictory, contrasted name. The brand reminds nature in city but also city in nature, it reminds us of travel, inspires itself from what surrounds us and feeds our everyday life. Each season/year recounts a trip, a country, a city throughout clothes and our prints. We offer graphic products that highlight textile arts and handcrafting. Mostly « basic » clothes and accessories.

  • Where does this interest for fashion comes from ?

I chose fashion as a mean of expression (creative support) that includes different skills, graphic and textile.

Street trends inspire me more than « real » fashion shows. I give an opposite view on fashion with my clothes, basics are meant to be worn all-year, or superimposed depending on the weather or each’s needs. Everyone dresses his personality and tells his own story through a crossed wardrobe, with multiple inspirations. Associated to vintage clothing, unisex, graphic, sporty-shaped basics gives it a poetic, nonchalant, and sophisticated look.

These are comfortable, practical and timeless clothes. I don’t like disposable clothes because they have no story, they don’t bring something sentimental to mind. That’s why I love vintage clothes.

It’s very important for me to be sure that the brand is moved by true values, that’s why I attach a great importance to the quality of the materials, crafting and to basic clothes that challenge fashion and mass consumption.

  • What are WISE WILD keywords, according to you ?


  • What is the item you prefer in your current collection and why ?

My favorite clothing item is the braided black sweater and my favorite accessory is the uncluttered ipad cases.

Because they recall at best the values I believe in:

-simplicity of shapes

-functional, uncluttered lines

-quality of the fabrics

-comfort of the shapes

-parsimoniously original visual details

  • What are your futur projects ?

I’d like to continue pop-up sales and create a real customer loyalty in Marseille. At the same time, I’d like to develop my brand’s visibility and get it further than south of France. So I will give power to my brand on the web and look for more partnerships with stores in France and abroad, depending on my upcoming trips.

Finally, I wish to develop more intensely Wise Wild’s image and graphic universe (new accessories: notebook + postcards of my prints), while continuing to think about the next collections. The Accessory has its own place in my creations. I want to get the best merchandising for my clothes. A good visual merchandising combined to a complete offer is the best way to touch customers’ sensibility to my products and my world, according to me.