• Could you introduce yourself in  a few words ? 

We are Zineb Britel and Pauline Pujol. Born in the 90’s, we launched our brand ZYNE in 2016 to bring a touch of modernity to the babouche.

After studying Fashion Design at ESMOD Paris and gaining experience by working at two of the most prestigious French couture houses, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel, Zineb discovered her true passion and talent was in shoe design. She furthered her expertise in this discipline at Central Saint Martins in London and Moda Pelle in Italy. It was during this time that she was inspired to explore her own country’s footwear and to develop a fresh new take on the mule or «babouche» in Arabic.

I am Laura,  Zineb’s best friend and business partner. I graduated from INSEEC in Paris. I then went on to specialize in Luxury Goods Marketing at L’Ecole Internationale de Marketing de Luxe (EIML Paris). I have a passion for bringing the painstaking craft of luxury good making to life and honoring those who dedicate their lives to the
trades that make it possible. My mission is to spread the ZYNE passion and message across the
world while making new friends for the brand along the way.

Together we are taking ZYNE WorldWild!

  • Where does this interest in fashion come from ?

Fashion has been part of our everyday life since our youngest age. It’s a passion that has naturally been built over the years. Even though we grew up in the same city that is Casablanca, we have a different style and approach to fashion in general and that is what unites us in addition to our complementary courses.

  • What are your inspirations ?

Zineb, who is the designer, draws her inspiration from her everyday life, in everyday life: it can be an encounter, a landscape, a dish, an architecture but also the wardrobe of her grandmother.

ZYNE is the alliance between tradition and modernity, that’s the reason why creativity is unlimited.

  • What would be the key word for ZYNE ?

A word is complicated ! We want to say instinctively beauty as its meaning in Arabic. But we prefer to say: perfect companion of life both comfortable and precious and 100% handmade.

  • What are your futur projects ?

On the medium / short term : we present the new collection in Paris at the next Fashion Week, then we go to the USA to conquer the Californian market. We really believe that the impact of our young and dynamic team is important to understand where the product comes from and by whom it is made.

Over the long term: continue to extend the positive spirit of ZYNE all over the world. We have been deploying our creations for a year and we would like to become a reference in terms of precious, comfortable babouche combining work by hand and quality finish. The objective is also to increase the visibility of the brand both at the level of creation but also to be recognized for this social side which today is paramount to the functioning of the brand. We work with cooperatives of people in need and the long-term goal is to open our own ZYNE cooperative.