KADER ATTIA // Roots are also created in the concrete

Kader Attia is a French artist of Algerian origin whose work revolves around sculpture, in situ installations, collages of paper and pictures, video editing and photography.

Very attached to his roots and the history of his country, this artist continues to study its colonial heritage, and all the historical process related to the desire to recover from this turbulent period. Engaged politically, his works can be controversial in a country still imbued by this past. This political repercussion always questions the relationship between the individual and the society. Various personal stories in the middle of a collective memory. This exhibition, currently being held at the Culturgest Cultural Center in Lisbon, offers a very personal vision of Kader Attia over this period and the issues of colonialism and migratory flows. How to rebuild a culture when it was mixed to another? How to build an own identity and psychological structure?

For the first work entitled  We do not imprison ideas. The barriers, intended primarily for construction sites, come from the Boulevard de La Chapelle in Paris, where current migrants are trying to find refuge and are small to small rejected by the current government. Impacting installation, the objective of the artist is to demonstrate that revolution is possible in this democracy but still limited by the barriers of a society which is extremely controlled, Kader Attia denounces the social and political consequences of this kind of oppression.

The artist currently living in Berlin has also decided to link some of his works to Germany’s historical past and also to leave it as a scar to his citizens. A past still difficult to assume for some and still reflected in Berlin architecture. Concrete structures became symbolic.

Always in the concern of linking modern architecture to North African architecture, photographic collages represent a mix and shows the influence of the architecture of the Maghreb on other countries. Especially on Le Corbusier’s work for example.

Used to working with satellite antennas, Kader Attia brilliantly succeeded in reconstructing a modern rooftop of Algiers, giving to the visitor the sensation of traveling and being immersed in another culture. The satellite antenna is a sign of modernity and the roofs of metal tiles still precarious constructions. Always in a concern to combine tradition and modernity, the artist had the very good idea to use a concrete mixer to bring out the oriental scent of cloves for his work Perfume of exile. An atypical installation that has continue to awaken our five senses during our visit.

Your turn now, to immerse yourself in the world of Kader Attia. In the meantime we let you guess what constitutes the following work of the artist :

Practical info:

The roots are also created in the concrete

Kader Attia

From October 20th 2018 to January 6th 2019

Culturgest Museum

R. Arco do Cego 77, 1000-300 Lisboa

Free exhibition