LOUISE PARIS // High-end second-hand

To file in your Parisian good plan notebook: the LOUISE Paris fashion second-hand showroom.

At LOUISE Paris, it is impossible not to find a beautiful outfit or a pretty accessory that will have your name on it. Eloïse runs the selection of products. The pieces are made new again thanks to a hive of qualified hands: cobbler, embroiderer, leather craftsman, or even seamstress before they are put online and exhibited in the showroom. Some of the pieces are brand new and have never been worn.

Needless to say, they take second-hand very seriously here. The biggest names in fashion mix with one another: Chloé, A.P.C., Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Olympe Le Tan, Burberry, Miu Miu, Comme des Garçons… LOUISE Paris is not just for girls; yes Eloïse has a knack for finding the trench coat, the jacket or derbies that will be the perfect finishing touch for a guy.

A complete shopping experience at LOUISE Paris: the showroom operates by appointment only after you’ve done your scouting on the e-shop. The items are prepared there for fittings, prior to your visit and then there is no limit to the time they will give you at the showroom.

Eloïse’s motto: Better a client comfortable with her/his choices than a client who will resell the item on some Internet site a few days after the purchase at the showroom.

Need some fashion advice for a special event? Need for a change? Having a crazy urge to buy a pretty piece without blowing a month’s salary? LOUISE Paris is here.

The little plus: If you have original pieces in good shape, you can bring them to LOUISE Paris, they are very picky in what they select but only to offer the best later on.

Eloïse’s focus is here and she has lots of nice things to tell you! Enough to make you feel like visiting the website.

On the web : http://louiseparis.fr/