MAIN EDITION x SOMEWHERE A PROCESS // The five senses collab

We met the ceramist, Victoire de Lencquesaing at the beach on the Caparica coast, last summer. Established in Portugal for a few years, Victoire, one day, opened the doors of her house and workshop to us. Located at the end of a garden dotted with trees and a vegetable garden surrounded by warm terra-cotta walls, the whole was bathed in a light so linked to Lisbon.

Step by step, we discovered the Victoire’s universe and her desires able to cross her mind, and also to stay being realized. With a real sensitivity about nature and the world surrounding her, always with a mischievous look, Victoire de Lencquesaing knows how to put these qualities in the center of Main Edition. No chemical materials, this ceramist doesn’t want to hear about it and that is, certainly, also why we appreciate her work so much. She became known through her sandstone hands, with extended fingers before also to start to use her creativity for other projects.

Victoire de Lencquesaing in her atelier by the portuguese photographer Pedro Alfacinha

« I like to create free hands, which no use predefined. Open, in sandstone, decorated with symbols from ancient history, magical traditions or modern art, they are a sensitive gesture where time stood still. »

Victoire de Lencquesaing

The kitchen collabs were already part of the Somewhere A Process project, our new concept. It seemed, therefore obvious, that it was necessary to innovate, to continue to create and to support each others in front of an uncertain future and a more than complicated daily life breathed by a nasty virus. Touching had become taboo, speaking had become a very regulated exercise. What did we have left ? Our eyes to admire beautiful things and read them, our passion for flavors, for good wines, music also, to soften our ears coming to fill the weird silence in the usually busy Lisbon streets.

Main Edition atelier in Lisbon
Main Edition x Somewhere A Process tableware set edition

Our tableware collaboration was born: a set of six pieces in limited edition with its chopsticks. Six unique pieces, handcrafted by Main Edition, stackable, separable and each telling its own story. The sticks counteracting the touch with a noble and natural material such as wood.

The Mouth ramen bowl offers subtly drawn edges to place your chopsticks and then your lips at the end of the tasting. The starter plate can offer a Japanese support to your sushis or your favorite gyozas, the Ensemble and Birds plates present a message of hope and conviviality. The hollow dessert plate, can welcome your gourmet pastry or your colorful moshi moshi. The coffee cup could only close this design collaboration after a perfect meal.

Ramen bowl Main Edition x Somewhere A Process

All Main Edition x Somewhere A Process pieces are now available on our e-shop and directly at our store in Lisbon.

A big thanks to Victoire for her good mood and her incredible talent.

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