MARINE HENRION // White Spirit First collection

It is when we visited SOIXANTE-DIX Marketplace Summer Édition that we discovered Marine Henrion’s first collection; she just launched her eponymous brand.

Not only were we fascinated by how mature her creations were, but also by their originality. The volumes are minimalist and the cuts very graphic. Don’t get fooled by the visual hyper-simplicity of this collection, which is very technical. Primary inspiration for this collection: architecture.

©Marine Henrion

Neoprene is at the heart of Marine Henrion’s White Spirit collection. And beware, surprise! This young, talented designer is also fan of thick leather, meant for furniture or car interiors, which she diverts with subtlety.

To treat yourself to a Marine Henrion piece is not buying an umpteen garment that will be resold later on the Internet, the designer herself manufactures each piece with the utmost care since she is the only one in charge.

Marine Henrion has not forgotten the ones with little means out there; she created a small line of accessories, currently available on The Cool Republic.

Don’t expect this designer to follow the Fashion Weeks calendar. Marine Henrion doesn’t wait for next season to present new creations; of spontaneous and dynamic nature she already has some nice surprises for us in August.

©Marine Henrion

©Marine Henrion

Her e-shop is probably right around the corner, we will let you know of course; in the meantime you can place your orders directly with the designer.

Want to know more about Marine Henrion ? She gave us her OK to do a FOCUS here.

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