MAXIMUM // Le mobilier eco responsable

Today we chose to bring you an article focused on both furniture and environment. It took us to heart to share this discover with you and to present you Maximum’s work.

Considering that during its global production process French industry discharges more than one third of the raw material it transforms and that 350 million tons of materials end every year in french factories’ trash, Maximum realized that this loss could be turned into a resource that can supply multiple productions.


This approach only needed creativity to launch this negative carbon impact production. That’s where Maximum enters the game. Instead of beginning from scratch Maximum’s designers create furniture from existing materials, bringing them to life while killing any legitimacy issue.

Then all the operations for turning waste into an object are proceeded in the Ivry-sur-Seine workshop. This handmade dimension gives Maximum furniture its quality and a flawless level of finish.



A piece of furniture’s lifespan doesn’t only depend on its crafting quality, but starts with a rigorous research of elegance and ergonomy.

This stage of conception has a prime importance : from a binding resource, it helps creating objects without any compromise. The waste used by Maximum isn’t only pieces of raw material. The first guarantee of its quality is that it has been produced in french factories, carrying all the savoir-faire of the brand’s partners.