NOMESS Copenhagen // Danish design

NOMESS Copenhagen is the Danish design label that recently caught our eye.

Founded in 2007 by Suzanne Potts, NOMESS Copenhagen presents simple, aesthetic and practical designs.  All their products have been designed to make life easier. Although beauty is at the heart of this design brand, this does not mean that NOMESS Copenhagen neglects the functional qualities of their products.


The collections are deliberately modern and all the designers for the brand have a real sensitivity to the changes taking place around them. Innovation is a key element and the vision of NOMESS Copenhagen is intentionally international.

With the mixture of materials such as wood and metal, NOMESS Copenhagen highlights its Scandinavian origins combined with clean and mixed lines. Their products are as colourful, original and off-beat as can be, so as to surprise you a little bit more every time.




Meet Suzanne Potts through her FOCUS.

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