OCTAEVO // Solar design

As a real treasure in terms of design, OCTAEVO from Barcelona presents itself as an oddity in the field of stationery and decorative objects.

The brand breaks codes, breaks borders, never goes too far from the Mediterranean basin from where it originated. OCTAEVO invites to travel, leaving a real place to dream. The designers here are explorers, collectors and also artists. Each object tells a story, each graphic reflects the writing and for each book published by the brand, its buyer will make it his own and putting his words on it.

The production is respectful of the environment, and quality is one of OCTAEVO‘s artistic director, Marcel Baer, and  his creative studio priority. A production always colored with a ray of sunshine in its strong identity.

From the sea to the land, from the land to its inhabitants, the brand has been sailing for almost two years. Time is suspended and a holiday air floats over the collections. OCTAEVO has found a way to hand  with a touch of modernity the Spanish origins of its founder, Marcel Baer.  This vagabond spirit travels regularly between Barcelona, Rome, and Athens, through Beirut and Tel Aviv for ultimately never stop expanding its territory of inspiration.

Marcel Baer, like all designers of creative studios with which we collaborate on THE OTHER SHOP, accepted to play the game of FOCUS for our webzine. We let you discover his words before revealing our selection very soon on our e- concept store and within physical space whose doors will open in upcoming months in Lisbon …