PARIS SE QUEMA // A different art direction

A breath of fresh air blows on fashion, design and food: Paris Se Quema is here.

Paris Se Quema is the duo of Anaïs Harel and Nicolas Ocante, two art directors full of explosive ideas.

We are talking of boldness, of the association of improbable materials but also of softness and geometry. Paris Se Quema is a design studio that is mainly curious! Curious to know how the materials they use for their projects are made and to discover new challenges in all fields combined.

In discovering some of their work, you will certainly recognize logos and visuals especially if you are familiar with the  Centre Commercial. Normal, since Paris Se Quema participated in the art direction for the brand identity of this now inescapable Parisian concept-store.

Paris Se Quema x Centre Commercial

Paris Se Quema x Centre Commercial

Recently Paris Se Quema was given the art direction assignment of the On The Rocks photo-shoot for Mint Magazine #2  an original flirtation between the food world and raw materials.

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Paris Se Quema x Mint Magazine

On the fashion side, we find them collaborating with Akama, the project is ongoing and The Other Sight is looking forward to presenting you this new fashion designer and her collection, which you will love. Paris Se Quema also contributed to the art direction of Hyes  jewelry (article here) alongside Jefferson Paganel, author of the brand’s visual identity. Let’s not forget the brand that got them their start, where they began as ADs: the studio Veja.

Paris Se Quema x Veja

Paris Se Quema x Veja

Big fan of design as well, Paris Se Quema has accepted art direction commissions for Koakoa  or the designer Charles Kalpakian, for BSL Gallery.

NB: Marriage season in full swing, Paris Se Quema designs customized wedding invitations, videos and graphic design.

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