We can speak here of not one but several Africa, each more incredible than the next.

Pascal Maître, photo reporter for LIFE and GEO magazines, made Africa his favorite continent, where he was from. Pascal Maître’s photographs tell stories and make you travel. Thirteen countries to discover or rediscover from a different angle: Niger, State of Erithrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Mali, Chad, Soudan, Sao Tome, Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

The colors and lights Pascal Maître captured add to the intensity of the photographic moment and transform the shot in a true work of art and immerse you completely. Hard not to feel something special when you stand in front of one of his photographs.

RDC 2012 - Pascal Maître

You can see the exhibit “Afriques” at the European House of Photography from September 10 through November 2, 2014.