PAUL CRÉANGE // Minimalist photographs

Last november, Paul Créange was showing his photographies in Paris, including a series about Berlin. Paul Créange is part of the artists that perfectly know how to capture a city from an unexpected angle. Needless to say that we are unable to wait his next show.

Paul Créange was born in 1987. After spending 2014 at Hamburg’s Art School Alliance / HFBK, he got graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts of Paris with a summa cum laude. He lives and works in Paris

Coloured blocks, refined lines, mix of the materials, light effects and architectural structure enabled Paul Créange taking us to its particular universe.

There are both eye-generated construction and physical intervention on the image (reversal, editing, cutting, assembly). Paul Créange

Berlin 3 // Paul Créange

Berlin 3 // Paul Créange

Berlin 3 // Paul Créange

Composition Architecturale 1 // Paul Créange