PIERRE CARDIN // Design, art and fashion

If Pierre Cardin is known the world over for his haute couture and ready-to-wear creations since his early days in 1945, The Other Sight has re-discovered his talent for design.

Thinking his sculptures as dresses and his dresses like sculptures. In fact, fashion and design are one and only concept.

His elaborate and colorful design line is worthy of entering any collector’s vault. To Pierre Cardin, fashion and furniture design are one and meet around geometric shapes and off-the-wall structures.

92-years old and fifty-years in the business Pierre Cardin will inaugurate his Present/Past/Future Museum on Thursday November 13, 2014 in the Marais in Paris. You will find over 200 haute-couture models by the French designer but also enter his futuristic and experimental universe of design and ready-to-wear.

©Pierre Cardin

©Pierre Cardin

Will you be able to tell the primary functionality of each of the works presented in this article? Pierre Cardin is a visionary and each of his works is first and foremost a work of art.

On the web : www.pierrecardin.com

For more information on the Pierre Cardin museum, it’s this way.