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These five nice talents come from Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Austria and France. All stem from the Académie Hollandaise de design d’Eindhoven (Dutch Design Academy of Eindhoven).

The Other Sight chose to present you these 5 designers addicted to freedom of creativity.

Bora Hong is an artist of Korean origin. Bora Hong started as an interior designer and found inspiration in the world of plastic surgery; this is how she discovered her identity. She listens to the world around her and the contemporary stakes in play. Bora Hong likes to surprise and make design something accessible and comprehensible.

Bora Hong // Works

 Birgit Severin  is the Berlin member of The Pig Selection. She draws her inspiration primarily from art. Birgit Severin’s path has been quite atypical as she first turned to psychology before she fell in love with design. Birgit Severin’s work is about observation and emotions. Her vases can be seen at the Dutch Art & Design de Berlin & Design gallery in Berlin


Birgit Severin // Works

Meng Hsun Wu originally from Taiwan is a designer and an artist who combines esthetics, practicality and a profound sense for detail. Meticulous and delicate creations: true gems of design. The Other Sight has slipped a superb video on Meng Hsun Wu ’s work in the design section for you.

Meng Hsun Wu // Works

Two Austrian designers who make a great duo: Stefanie Högl and Matthias Borowski. They gave their duo a name: le  Kollektiv Plus zwei. Stefanie Högl and Matthias Borowski, both graduates from the German School of Design HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. Creativity, humor, unusual objects and watercolors are on the program.

Kollektiv Plus zwei // Works

Hey! We won’t tell you anymore on Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo whom we met when in Berlin but his FOCUS is this way.

If you feel like pleasing someone or yourself, these authentic designers’ e-shop has been launched!

On the web : http://www.pig-selection.com/