SAPHIR EAST // Philosophical fashion

Pleat materials, silk draperies, elegant and asymmetric silhouettes. Here is the aesthetics of SAPHIR EAST. This Japanese brand was founded by Hirono in 2007. Since then she has developed her ownphilosophy, inspired by her travels, and has applied it to her creations.


In 2013, SAPHIR EAST presented its exclusive collection as a guest designer during Praha Fashion Week. Her 2013 collection is called “albescent” – a poetic word meaning white. In this collection  she focused on form and shape. Hirono thinks that the spirit of humanity appears white from the beginning to the end.

Key words SAPHIR EAST‘s new fall/winter collection are “ethnic, grunge and elegant”. These elements are all harmonized by the concept “liberalistic”, which is the main theme of this collection. The idea is to balance cultural differences, like an elegant basics with a 90s twist. This collection includes a body conscious line jaguar soft dress and a white dress made of swiss silk.


“Old Chinese proverb says when you know old, you appreciate the new. Thus by knowing the old self, you can get to your original identity. This experience can give birth to unlimited future feel of eternity”, the designer-philosopher explains.


SAPHIR EAST creations already seduced Fashionable figures, celebrities, and artists, including Lady Gaga. A peculiar personality for a peculiar brand.

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