SEDIMENTO // The ceramic studio

In the Lapa neighborhood, one of the most lisboner creative spot, the Sedimento studio, has found its headquarter. More than just a workshop, it’s a real lively place open to all ceramic lovers. Located next to the narrow and colorful streets of Sao Bento, this former garage is filled with natural light well known to the city’s residents and visitors.

Created in 2017 by Maud Téphany and Úrsula Duarte, Sedimento is also a co-work space and offers classes for all levels.

In addition to resident workshops and classes, Sedimento is also a brand used by the two founders when they work together on exclusive designs, from fine dining to interior design.

First move for THE OTHER SIGHT in the field of ceramics which has been booming for a few years. Certainly with the strong desire for people for natural elements and also the one to reconnect with the environment taking care of it. Probably also an evolution of the current society which tends towards the nostalgia of the 60s and the desire to have beautiful transmittable objects. Things that we can make and in which we can put a sentimental value.

Handcraft and cultural exchange are at the heart of Sedimento‘s work. Portuguese, English and French work together in this space during a class or an artistic residency. The two founders of the eponymous brand, Sedimento, are open-minded. From creating azulejos to collaborating on more impressive projects, nothing seems impossible to them. Observing them working we would be tempted easily to trust them.

Reflection of one of Sedimento‘s residents, to meditate:  

You can now find unique Sedimento pieces within our pop-up store in Lisbon: THE OTHER SHOP. And on our e-shop.