SS17 trend // Autumn style in Summer

An impossible SS17 trend to forecast but really here: bad weather in Summer. The only thing we want is to test our first purchases unearthed in sales, to bring out our favorite summer pieces and to change the ideas then :

No more excuse not to ask, take your time and simply relax in a cocooning outfit. We said cocooning not in your pajamas, depresses warranty. Then prick the sweatshirt RA + RE of your guy,  put on your T-shirt Atelier Bartavelle and the 12PM shorty by DESSU. And either you choose to  impose the Sex And the City saga on your half, not sure whether it is the best idea, or plunge back into two and into harmony in the adventures of Jason Bourne.


It is the perfect weekend to go show off your (naked) legs in your low boots, skirt and trench at the exhibition Art / Africa The New Workshop of the Louis Vuitton Foundation. We’re out of the ordinary with the low boots Kelly designed by Please Paris, the bicolour skirt Paul Gisèle and the tee-shirt Paula and we listen to the vitamin and timeless tube of Nancy Sinatra from your playlist. We avoid the Baby Shot me Down, needless to say.


One can also play the card of the unreasonable, a bit of madness, never hurt people. And motivate to two or solo to leave this monotonous weather to go to say hi to your best friend who has already had the intelligence to make a cross on this capricious weather by settling in Barcelona, in Rome or Santorini. And there don’t forget to put in your suitcase, the total look from Atelier Bartavelle, we travel in style with the sparkling banana of Darris and we stand out with the solar Pyramyd Eyewear.