SUPRÊME BON TON // Celestial and mineral accessory

SUPRÊME BON TON is a french creation studio with a graphic and uncluttered universe. Created in 2013 by Ella Perdereau, SUPRÊME BONTON allies design to accessory.

The universe of SUPRÊME BON TON’s first collection was clearly mineral, while for this second one Ella Perdereau decided to take a celestial orientation. We are happy to present it to you today.

SUPRÊME BON TON’s creations can be worn as a necklace, or be placed on a piece of paper or pinned on a sweatshirt, up to you. They are fully made in France.

Four patterns for four scarves that develop on the topic of the sky. Whatever it is stratospheric or galactic, it’s tainted with dark, gloomy shades – storm grey, sidereal black, galaxy blue – that suit to cosmic beiges or the horizon blue’s radiance.


©Suprême bon ton by Florent Tanet


©Suprême bon ton by Florent Tanet


©Suprême bon ton by Florent Tanet


©Suprême bon ton by  Florent Tanet

Meteorites tie themselves to asteroids in a star dust that scatters and enhances the silk twill. Beside this there are the Granito pins that you can sprinkle on bags jackets or scarves. And to mark anything on white, pink or blue, SUPRÊME BON TON even had the idea to offer stamp sets with graphic, lunar, shapes.


©Suprême bon ton by Florent Tanet


©Suprême bon ton by Florent Tanet

Hey, Ella Perdereau, SUPRÊME BON TON’s founder, tells you more in her FOCUS.

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