It’s time to take you across the world with the latest design creations of Catherine Grasser, living in Belgium  for several years, she had a crush for the Saint Barthélémy island and we had presented her first collection two years ago on our webzine.

A capsule collection, design and sunny as winter is fast approaching. The Beach takes you to a limpid universe devoid of artifices.

The line is pure and timeless, the obsession of tactile material is everywhere. Porcelain, instinctive embroidery, strings, and white come to dominate these novelties. The gold leaf, meanwhile, is posed in sensitive keys as to recall the splinters of the sun which radiate on the side of this archipelago paradise. Contemporary art comes touching these objects wrapped in delicacy and sensuality.

Each piece is unique and entirely made by hand.

The porcelain is adorned with a dull white, then emerges giant talismans in an ethnic spirit.

 The Bliss swing, known for its immaculate whiteness, is adorned with an eye embroidered in this new soft and festive collection.

Only 8 productions per object are created by the designer. This collection will be available soon to order online on The Other Shop. In the meantime you can already discover the permanent model of the Bliss swing. This can be suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. It does, however, require some ceiling height.