THE OTHER SHOP // The opening

Good afternoon dear readers, here is an article about the opening of THE OTHER SHOP.

I am pleased to announce the opening of THE OTHER SIGHT e-shop : THE OTHER SHOP.

THE OTHER SHOP is an e-shop with an original design. As you know THE OTHER SIGHT is a webzine fan of  design and beautiful pictures.  I hope that you will find THE OTHER SIGHT spirit on our e-shop.

This is real crushes in fashion, design and and art that I chose for THE OTHER SHOP. Fashion brands made in France, sometimes in Paris, home decor scandinavians labels and a great gang of talented female artists.

To discover who is behind Lou Matheron the face of this first edition don’t hesitate to look at her FOCUS.

You can click everywhere because everything is to sell on THE OTHER SHOP.

THE OTHER SIGHT continues to exist with the goal of make you discover new fashion brands from everywhere and their designers, new design studios but also the news about art exhibitions.

Have a nice monday,

Sonya for T/O/S.