TIAGO HACKE // Variable paintings

 Tiago Hacke, a portuguese and german artist, made the choice to go against conventions after his studies at the Fine Arts of Manchester and at les Beaux Arts de Paris.  Painting lover at the beginning, he has a time neglected it for sculpture before returning and gradually find his own style.

Today based in Cascais, a charming seaside city located 25km from Lisbon, this true sea enthusiast, fishes adore him, and foreign cultures. Tiago Hacke proposes works full of colors, in contrast and leaving a big place to dreams and  to landscapes more than realistic.

After a trip of almost two months to Laos and Vietnam, it’s with real little artistic treasures that he returned to Europe.

Do not try  to  define Tiago Hacke, he simply follows his desires and also excels in street art. If you have the opportunity to visit Sintra, Cascais, Estoril or Alcantara open your eyes, he is also the creator of the square sheep on canvas and concrete. His openness and his desire to know other people bring him orders from private individuals. It is a choice taken in the world of contemporary art and its unspoken rules.

It is very likely that you will meet Tiago Hacke on next September or October at LX Factory. A path to follow closely on his Instagram account, he still has many things to express, always with a lot of derision and fun.

To know more about Tiago Hacke, don’t hesitate to read it’s FOCUS.