TOMORROWS WITH HEART // Ethics embroidery

We would like to spend our days, laid down on Tomorrows with heart‘s embroidered cushions. But their precious collections hide a humanitarian story. Talia and Eugenia, friends for ten years, created their brand during a journey in India. They worked in a charitable organisation, helping homeless children of Jaipur (Rajhastan).


This humanitarian conscious never left them. Tomorrows with heart is said to be ethic, respectful of the environment and of the workers. “We make high quality sustainable objects, which have a story, insist the two founders. Our wish was to create a brand with a positive impact on every people working for us.” Cushion are embroidered in a Fairtrade workshop. So is their organic cotton supplier.


Talia and Eugenia also came back from India with ideas for their design. Their patterns are inspired from children’s drawings. They give them back part of their revenue, through Taabar, an organisation that stands for homeless children’s education and offers them a home.

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