TROPICAL METEOR // Creative prints

TROPICAL METEOR caught our eye during a 2.0 outing, so we give them a special mention today. No, it’s not a new comet but a fashion workshop founded in 2013 and keeps on getting its name noticed.

TROPICAL METEOR is unclassifiable, it’s somewhere in between fashion and design. Indeed its creator, Anne Gautier is not a fashion designer but a graphic designer and it’s her prints that make all the difference.

Tropical Meteor // Odessa

No frills for TROPICAL METEOR. The pieces are made in the artisan way and in limited editions, all in Paris.

The brand didn’t stop at just jewelry and small leather goods. At TROPICAL METEOR you’ll find stationary and a touch of interior decoration items as well.

On the price side, the brand remained reasonable with prices rarely above 30 euros for an accessory.

We interviewed Anne Gautier her focus is here.

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