TWIST THE REAL // Exhibition made in Lisbon

We were in Lisbon at the weekend, a chance for us to introduce you to a few small nuggets of this absolutely wonderful city. First stop: the opening of the exhibition TWIST THE REAL in association with the French Institute.

TWIST THE REAL is the fruit of encounters among Portuguese, French and Belgian artists. These artists bring us their views of reality, revisiting it in poetic and surprising ways. The works presented as installations, photographs, paintings, films, sculptures and even living things, are part of our daily lives and are diverted from their normal use in order to provide a new reality.

Here is a sample of the artists present at TWIST THE REAL.

We start with Jian-Xing Too, born in 1970, who lives and works in Vancouver. For TWIST THE REAL she was asked to revisit the very title of the exhibition. The material used is noodles, which she used in
their cooked form. This artwork shows the artist’s attachment to Chinese culture with the use of a key element of Asian cuisine, but it also shows the fine line between the real and the imaginary, by means of missing letters and the filigree effect produced by the use of this completely ordinary material that is anchored in our era.


Jian-Xing Tao // Titled 2015 // ©TheOtherSight_webzine

We continue with Francisco Tropa, about whom we previously gave you a brief glimpse on Instagram. The time has come to tell you more and to remove the mystery. This artist was born in 1968 and lives and works in Lisbon. In his present work, he takes up the origin of play in an ancient footprint. The game board is the fabric, the left side is the referent portion of the game with real stones while the right side, enclosed in a frame, is filled with bronze replicas of these stones.


Francisco Tropa //extrait de Scripta// ©TheOtherSight_webzine

The work of Julien Berthier, meanwhile, infiltrates the existing things that follow us day after day: the street, everyday objects, moods, feelings and our relationship to art. The works of this artist, born in 1975, confront the real in order to make it feel its own contradictions and absurdities. The whole work is presented from a surprising angle: the power drill twists in its final use and the dead plant becomes a work fixed in time.


Julien Berthier // Les malaxeurs cinétiques // ©TheOtherSight_webzine

Discover too the works presented by other artists including Cécile Chaput whom you might have already encountered in passing, with her focus on “The Other Sight“.


Michel Blazy // Pommes de terre // ©TheOtherSight_webzine


Michel Blazy // Nature morte // ©TheOtherSight_webzine


Cécile Chaput // Vue de linstalation // ©TheOtherSight_webzine


Inês Botelho // Rotaçao a 46 // ©TheOtherSight_webzine


Alexandra Sà // Combinaisons //©TheOtherSight_webzine

Information: Gallery Plataforma Revolver – Rua Boavista 84 – Lisbon – Until November 7, 2015 – Open Wednesday to Saturday from 14h to 19h.

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