VOYAGEURS // EMERIGE revelations 2014

VOYAGEURS is an exhibition pushing forward the works of twelve graphic artists coming from the Emerige Revelation Grant.


Why call it VOYAGEURS (travellers)? Probably because this visit will make you face different worlds that have the most incredible stories to tell. To give you just one example, the work of Korean artist Joo-Hee Yang reflects the way she sees Seoul even though she has lived primarily in Western countries. The work Sans titre (Untitled) is the translation of a constantly evolving city of which architecture is the perfect witness. In fact, the choice of materials is important.


Sans titre, Joo-Hee Yang, 2011

Martin Ferniot, experienced illustrator, works with felt pens, color pencils and watercolors. Perspectives play tricks on your eyes and social behavior is dissected with a sort of false innocence brought on by the choice of colors. In some works, the space occupied on the paper gives the impression of pseudo-transparency.


Liens Visibles, Martin Ferniot, 2012

It is through the VOYAGEURS exhibition that The Other Sight went to discover the world of Cécile Chaput, a 2012 graduate of the Fine Arts School who made Formica her primary ally. Here is the main work called The The Slant Point as well as another sample below:

Cécile Chaput

The Slant Point, Cécile Chaput, 2014

Burst-#5 -Cécile-Chaput-2014

Burst-#5 -Cécile-Chaput-2014

We won’t tell you anymore about Cécile Chaput’s work since she is best at talking about it in a dedicated FOCUS.

You can see the VOYAGEURS exhibition until next December 20 at the Villa Emerige, 7 rue Robert Turquan, 75016 Paris.

From Wednesdays through Sundays from 1pm to 7pm – free.

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