ZEIT PARIS BERLIN // Original collections

Zeit Paris Berlin is a brand of designer ready-to-wear with original collections; it was founded in 2012 in Berlin before spreading its wings in Paris in 2013.


At Zeit Paris Berlin, they like to listen to you and have meaningful exchanges. Designer Cécile Zeitoun wants to be ever closer to her customers, which gives the place an intimate and convivial atmosphere.


Zeit Paris Berlin’s main characteristic: each piece is manufactured in small quantities, no more than fifteen pieces per model and has to pass a test phase at the boutique, run by Chloé, just as bubbly as the collection presented.


Good plan: the materials are delicate and come, for the most part, from big name houses such as Balenciaga, Chloé or Balmain.


Careful, the Zeit Paris Berlin Winter 2015 collection looks like nothing else before. The cuts are original and the design sophisticated. The choice of prints for the linings is a true nod to the facetious spirit of the brand and participates in the outfit’s cachet.

Cécile Zeitoun takes fashion as she feels it, here they don’t follow trends: they create new ones that will mark their time.

Paris Zeit Berlin produces its entire collection in France, in Paris between Pigalle and the Abbesses in an authentic fashion workshop.

WARNING for future brides: don’t hesitate to mention it to Chloé or to Cécile, always ready for new challenges they will do their utmost to satisfy you and will propose a custom made creation.

The Paris ZeitBerlin boutique is located 70 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9th district, the up and coming neighborhood in all meanings of the word. You will be warmly welcomed and if you go on a Sunday, it is run by Cécile herself!

Pssst! Private sale until December 24th!!

The Other Sight felt like going to check it out and we met with Cécile Zeitoun to present you a facetious Focus.

On the web : https://www.facebook.com/zeitparisberlin